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How muscles are built

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The workout plan
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Rest days are vital

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The Mindset
Thoughts determine results

The mindset - Thoughts Determine Results

The theory behind this chapter is as old as time itself. As far back as recorded history takes us, the old testament of the bible, successful men have understood and used this principle. James Allen quoted King Solomon who said, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” in his book whose title is derived from that quote “As a Man Thinketh”. That book has been quoted by hundreds of other authors in an effort to teach them the principles of success. No matter what area of life a person desires to achieve success in, the “secret” is the same.

The mind is a powerful thing. What you think about becomes your reality. If you continue to think that you are skinny or weak, you will continue to be skinny and weak. On the other hand, if you think thoughts like, “I am getting stronger everyday” this will become your reality. You must whole-heartedly believe that you are going to achieve a huge, strong, sexy, muscular physique before you can achieve it. Truly, anything is possible to he who believes it. If you can’t wrap your brain around this concept there is almost no point to even attempting the program. Your mind must grow before your body will follow.There are exercises you can do to improve your mindset and help you achieve the growth you desire in your body. These should be done every day.

One exercise is visualization. Cut out several pictures from fitness magazines of the body type you would like to have and paste your head on them. Next, place these photos where you will see them each and every day. Take the time to really study the photos. Imagine that the image you see is your current reality. Imagine what that body feels like and the confidence you have in that body. It is important to imagine everything as if it is true right now. You should find yourself thinking and acting more confidently even before the physical changes manifest themselves.

Once you have begun to think and feel like a huge guy, the body will naturally follow. When you look in the mirror, see yourself as the big muscular guy you would like to be. One of the natural consequences of this type of mindset training is that you will begin to treat yourself like a big muscular guy and doing the things that big muscular guys do (lifting weights and eating a lot) will become more natural to you.

Remember that your brain is the most important muscle to train. New habits take time to form and without changing your mindset it is easy to give in to frustration and give up. If your mindset is correct you will make adjustments where needed and persist in following the program, even when the results are not coming as quickly as you had hoped for or when the pain is greater than you had imagined or when finding time in your schedule for your workouts is not as convenient as you would like it to be. Without the right mindset, minor setbacks can cause a person to give up, but with the right mindset, NOTHING will stop you from achieving your goals.

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