Women love big

Skinny and health

Weight gain theory

How muscles are built

Work smarter not harder

Working out
and efforts

The workout plan
> workout 1
> workout 2
> workout 3
> workout 4

Rest days are vital

Do you need Supplements?

Eating plan Phase 1:
Bulk up

Eating plan Phase 2:
Final cut

The Mindset
Thoughts determine results

The workout 3


French Press:
Standing with arms overhead both holding one dumbbell as with the pullovers. Lower the dumbbell straight down behind your back and return to the raised position.

Bench Dips:
You should be standing with your back towards a sturdy bench or chair. You will bend down and place your hands on the edge of the chair or bench to support yourself. Position your feet out in front of you so that your weight is resting on your arms. Keeping the elbows tucked in at your sides, lower your body until your upper arms are parallel with the floor. Your hips will move up and down in a straight line when properly doing this move. Positioning your feet further out or closer in will vary the resistance, so play with this to get each set to the appropriate level. As with the other moves, 3 seconds down and 1 second up.


Dumbbell Curls:
Standing with a dumbbell in each hand, arms down at your sides and palms facing forward. Lift both dumbbells up to the chest and lower back down slowly.

Hammer Curls:
The difference with this move is that the palms are facing inward, other than that it is done like the dumbbell curl.


Dumbbell Wrist Curls:
Sit on bench or edge of chair with feet flat on floor slightly more than shoulder’s distance apart. With a dumbbell in each hand, place forearms on upper thighs with the palms facing up and the back of the wrists over the knees. Lower the dumbbells as low as possible and then curl up as far as you can.
This exercise is repeated with palms down.

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